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The buildings sector is all about ensuring that a commercial or residential project works for both inhabitants and owners. That means delivering a sustainable LEED structure that lasts for years to come. But it can also mean balancing requests to build faster, overcome skilled labor shortages, and remain within budget. These can make it a challenge to maintain the structural aesthetic you have in mind.

Overcome it all with Smart Concrete solutions. These products allow you to extend the life span of a structure in a way that meets all those needs while also providing it with permanent waterproofing and abrasion and erosion resistance. They also come with expert technical support to guarantee that both your clients’ needs and your design are fulfilled and protected.

Concrete Waterproofing

Kryton’s crystalline waterproofing admixture, KIM®, is the most versatile solution for protecting your structure from water and keeping it LEED-friendly.

Unlike external membranes, KIM goes straight into the concrete mix with no extra steps, creating the following key benefits:

•  Having permanent waterproofing that can’t be physically torn

•  Eliminating risk for waterproofing structures with unconventional shapes

•  Removing the need for intensive labor and supervision during waterproofing

•  Eliminating the possibility for human-made errors during application

•  Protecting reinforcing steel from corrosion

•  Contributing LEED points to a project due to its VOC- and waste-free qualities

For even more waterproofing protection, KIM is uniquely designed to work with the Krystol® Waterstop System, which protects the construction joints and details around the concrete structure. That ensures you can get a complete waterproofing system all in one place.

It significantly reduces the need to maintain or repair a structure, extending its life span and minimizing its lifetime carbon footprint.

To guarantee that it all runs optimally with little risk, Kryton offers the Krystol Assurance Program™. As a 10-year performance warranty, it guarantees that any areas treated with Krystol® technology like KIM or some products from the Krystol Waterstop System will remain watertight. It makes that possible through Kryton services that include a waterproofing design consultation, on-site training and inspections, ready-mix supplier support, and detailed record-keeping and reporting.

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Concrete Durability

Keeping concrete resilient, long-lasting, and low-carbon is even easier with Kryton’s revolutionary, LEED-contributing Hard-Cem® admixture.

Unlike anything else on the market, Hard-Cem enhances a structure’s resilience with the following key benefits:

•  Doubling concrete resistance to abrasion and erosion

•  Using a metal-mineral microstructure to support cement paste durability

•  Reducing the chances of concrete being worn away in harsh environments

•  Minimizing any maintenance and repair work

•  Reducing the need for carbon-intensive cement

•  Lowering a project’s lifetime carbon footprint by as much as 40%

•  Eliminating the need for a surface application and the risks that come with it

•  Remaining compatible with more complex concrete designs

Overall, Hard-Cem is a versatile admixture designed to boost abrasion and erosion resistance while minimizing any impact on the cost of a structure, its environment, and your design.

And it’s already been proven to do so for many architects over its 20 years on the market in 80 million ft2 of concrete.

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